We Are Recruiting - Applications Developer within the AEC Industry

Posted 08.03.17 in News

We’re looking for a talented and passionate engineer to help us evolve our core commercial product offerings. These critical tools allow the different parts of our business to smoothly align so that we can all work together in a synergetic way. The platform connects manufacturers, to specifiers, to other professionals, and to us. The technology stack you’ll be working with includes (but not limited to): Node.JS, MongoDB, Angular.js, C#, Unity3d, Javascript.

 What You’ll Do:

  • Help others around you grow as developers and be successful
  • Application and infrastructure design from concept through development and implementation
  • Ensure the code you’ve written functions as designed by creating automated unit and integration tests, which execute in our continuous delivery pipeline
  • Instrument your code so we can measure how it’s performing in production
  • Create useful documentation for systems worked on (Google Docs)

What You Need:

  •  Proficiency with Javascript
  •  Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application
  •  Experience troubleshooting problems that can occur at scale
  •  Great interpersonal skills and enjoy operating in a fast-paced team setting
  •  Self-starter that can work in a highly cross functional environment and remove roadblocks

Skills & Requirements

  • Javascript, Node.JS, MongoDB, Angular.js, C#, Unity3d

For more information, or to apply, please contact Sean Hood, Applications Manager, Space Group.